We want to ensure the safety of our clients and staff with new precautionary measures.  With updated sanitation procedures, please be patient with us checking in & out.  We want our clients to feel safe while continuing to enjoy what they expect from Le Roche Bleu.  These new sanitation protocols we will be limiting our "resources" that were normally available for you to use.  With all of these new changes please be mindful of what we are working with to help ensure everyone's safety.  Thank you all for choosing Le Roche Bleu Day Spa! We can not wait to see you all again soon!


      Effective 9/30/2021​

  • We as a staff are continuing to wear our mask for the safety of our clients. However if you are comfortable without wearing a mask during your massage, you are not required to do so at this time.  Please be mindful of our common areas.  

  • Sanitation is provided in every area of the spa, including treatment rooms. We are asking clients to wash their hands prior to his or her service in the treatment room. Your provider will do the same.

  • Locker room & Showers are now open, please just be mindful and try to social distance as best as possible

  • Serenity area- this will be set up to where clients are able to social distance. Clients will be specifically asked not to lounge in serenity for more than 15 minutes. Our goal is to have max 4 clients in the serenity area. Please respect our new rules for this time period! We know that you all need to relax and unwind during this time.