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  • Le Roche Bleu Classic Massage

    60 min : $95       90 min : $135
    120 min : $180

    Feel stress melt away with our signature classic massage that combines a variety of Swedish massage techniques. The benefits you will feel are both immediate and long term. This is the perfect solution to re-balance and renew your body’s equilibrium and sense of well-being.


  • Deep Tissue

    30 min : $75       60 min : $105       
    90 min : $145     120 min : $205
    If you prefer a deeper massage with more concise pressure, this technique utilizes trigger point therapy combined with long, firm strokes to work superficial and deep muscles. Recommended following an intense workout, golf outing or for those with chronic muscle pain.


  • Restorative Aromatherapy

    60 min : $110       90 min : $150

    This therapeutic and deeply tranquil massage includes a heated herbal poultice which is compressed up and down the body to release muscle tension. A full body routine with Swedish massage techniques helps to achieve a state of ultimate relaxation.

  • River Rocks Massage

    60 min: $110       90 min : $150

    This rhythmic relaxation massage utilizes warm smooth stones to help both calm the body and recharge the spirit.

  • Prenatal Massage

    60 min : $100       90 min : $140

    The strains, aches and discomfort of pregnancy are forgotten as your therapist uses a special side-lying protocol to massage you into a state of pure bliss. This massage is recommended after your first trimester. Contact your physician for proper documentation prior to scheduling this service to make sure massage is not contraindicated.

  • Massage Retreat for Two

    60 min : $190       90 min : $270

    Our signature massage for two people is performed by our talented massage therapists in one treatment room. Enjoy an amazing massage experience with a significant other or a great friend. Additional charge for upgrades such as deep tissue, river rocks or prenatal.


  • Moroccan Oil Scalp Treatment : $25
    Infused with antioxidant-rich argan oil and shine-boosting vitamins, this hair treatment detangles, speeds up drying time and boosts shine—leaving you with nourished, manageable, and smooth

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