• Phytomer Treasures of the Earth & Sea

    90 min : $160

    A full body massage like no other. This Phytomer treatment allows you to completely escape. This exclusive service includes a lavender and sea salt poultice- a deep heat medicinal muscle treatment dating back to 14th Century Thailand where the therapist kneads a bundle of steamy herbs along the energy channels of the body. A hydrating lavender cream is then applied as a blend of relaxing Swedish techniques and gentle stretching are seamlessly blended into a truly blissful experience.

    • Recommended for: tension release & redirecting energies for restored health​

  • Cupping Massage
    60 min : $120     90 min : $160     120 min : $240
    Plastic and silicone cups are suctioned and glided on the body, lifting the soft tissue.  Massage techniques are incorporated for a customized experience for all.

    • Recommended for: muscular tension, detoxing, & joint stiffness​

  • Reflexology
    30 min : $70     60 min : $110
    Reflexive zones of the feet are massaged methodically to release tension in corresponding areas of the body.  The 60 minute version includes an application of a detoxifying charcoal based masque to the pads of the feet, plus additional massage of the head, ears, and hands.

    • Recommended for: holistic health, tired/achy feet, plantar fasciitis, ​& stress relief

  • Warm Bamboo Massage
    60 min: $120     90 min: $160
    Heated bamboo is used to roll and knead your muscles! Releasing knots and chronic tension.

    • Recommend for:​ anxiety , stress relief, cold nature

  • Swe-Thai Massage
    60 min: $120     90 min: $160
    Employs muscle stretching, compression with rocking and pulling with the convenience of staying in gym clothes.  This technique is great for stiffness and personal stretch training.

    • Recommended for: increase range of motion, relieve tension, & enhance flexibility​

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage  
    30 min : $65​    60 min : $130
    Series of 10 sessions : $1200

    This bodywork technique stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate congestion and stagnation within the body.

    • Recommended for: inflammation, post-surgery swelling, detoxing